Tyre Kleber Krisalp HP2 ● Winter Tyres ● Oponeo™

Buy Tyres at Kleber Krisalp HP2 is a winter tyre designed for passenger cars. This model is described by best value for money, what is reflected in safe and low cost driving. It offers excellent performance in varying winter weather conditions. Kleber Krisalp HP2 provides exceptional grip on slippery surfaces. Directional tread ensures precise maneuvering on snow, ice and slush. A dense network of grooves prevents from skid during start, cornering and braking. Kleber Krisalp HP2 gives reliable control over the car, comfort of driving, good durability and low wear. It is recommended by nearly 90% of users. Music: "Chillout Sax" by CipoTCX (CC-BY 3.0).