Tyre Dębica Navigator 2 ● All Season Tyres ● Oponeo™

Buy Tyres at: Debica Navigator 2 is an all-season economy class designed for passanger cars. Debica Navigator 2 provides safety in both summer and winter conditions. If you want to save money on seasonal tyre replacement and drive mainly on urban roads Debica Navigator 2 is right for you. Debica Navigator 2 offers versatile performance. It ensures safety on dry roads in the warm summer temperatures but also in wet and snowy weather conditions. Symmetrical tread pattern provide stability regardless of weather. Multiple sipes system ensures good handling in the snow. The solid tread blocks enhance grip on dry roads. Debica Navigator 2 is a reliable construction, safety in varying weather conditions and low operating costs. It is recommended by 81% of Music: "Chillout Sax" by CipoTCX (CC-BY 3.0).