Tyre Dębica Passio 2 ● Summer Tyres ● Oponeo™

Buy Tyres at: Debica Passio 2 tire is an economy class tyre designed for passanger cars. It offers balanced performance and makes everyday driving trouble-free. If you expect good driveability, uniform wear and reduced fuel consumption, Debica Passio 2 is a good choice. Debica Passio 2 guarantees comfort and low costs. Equal tread adhesion defers wear. Rigid central rib and massive shoulder blocks provide full control over the car in all conditions. Wide circumferential and lateral grooves efficiently drain water on wet roads. Debica Passio 2 gives you stability, protection against aquaplaning and wear resistance. It is recommended by 85% of users Music: "Chillout Sax" by CipoTCX (CC-BY 3.0).